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Maths Apps currently available on the Apple iPad

Compiled by: Tabitha Jos, Numeracy Coach Kingston State School

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Geoff Philips, an experienced mathematics teacher and author from Victoria, has a huge FREE set of resource materials. Geoff is very kindly making this material available to teachers in SA through his website. After enquiries from several teachers at the recent MASA Annual Conference, in addition to Fifty50 worksheets (see first link below) Geoff has now made available two Polyhedra construction books in pdf format (see second link below).

 After clicking on a link, wait for the linked page to load, then right-click the required resource and select "Download" to download. You may also navigate through folders or view files online before downloading by double-clicking several times. The Fifty50 download will be a zip file, in which case you may need to double-click it and drag its contents to a convenient location on your device before opening files. If you have any trouble, please contact Geoff for assistance.

Fifty50 Mathematics Worksheets and more:

Polyhedra books:
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