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Maths Teacher Circle Term 3

  • 09 Sep 2021
  • 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • MASA Training Room

Maths Teacher Circle

Date: Thursday 9th September

Time: 4.30-6pm

Venue: MASA Training Room, Building D, 80 Payneham Road, Stepney SA 5069

Cost: $10

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Presenter: Dr Hayden Tronnolone, Lecturer in Mathematical Studies, Flinders University

Hayden works full-time as a teaching specialist in mathematical sciences based in the College of Science and Engineering. He is a member of the College of Science and Engineering STEM Academy and am the STEM Academy Associate Lead for Recruitment and Outreach within the College. Hayden is a member of the College Education Committee and the Student Recruitment Committee.

Workshop description

Fermi Estimates

While maths has a reputation for precision and careful calculations, we sometimes encounter problems for which we lack accurate information. Rather than give up, we just guess! As mathematicians, we won't make just any guess but instead combine some logical thinking and mathematics to get a good idea of the answer. Such approaches are known as Fermi estimates, named after Enrico Fermi, who was known for making good estimates through these techniques. With a few guiding ideas, we will pose and answer some seemingly impossible questions. These make great classroom questions and can be pitched at all levels

Hayden’s Teaching Perspective

“As a teaching specialist in mathematics, I am interested in new methods of teaching that improve learning. I am particularly interested in investigating better ways to guide students through new material and finding ways of providing specialised assistance. In mathematics, I believe we have a large responsibility to help how students view mathematics and to ensure they believe in their capability to learn. I like to find ways to reduce the expectation on memorisation and instead focus on deeper conceptual appreciation.

I am very interested to show students the human side of mathematics. This includes highlighting the diverse cultures that have studied mathematics, along with the different ways of thinking and discovering knowledge. I also want to ensure that classes reflect that mathematics is a human activity, which is done collaboratively, creatively, and by combining different approaches and ideas. These are all ongoing interests and things that I am still working to improve on.”

Cost: $10

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