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MASA Annual General Metting

  • 03 Dec 2019
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Dear Members,

2019 Mathematical Association of South Australia Inc Annual General Meeting

MASA is holding its 2019 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 3rd December commencing at 7pm. The location of the meeting is in the Parish Meeting Room adjacent to the MASA office, 80 Payneham Road, Stepney, Adelaide.

The AGM is an excellent opportunity to hear from the Committee about what MASA has achieved in 2019. The meeting documents are below:

  1. Notice of the AGM 2019
  2. AGM Agenda 2019
  3. AGM Minutes 2018
  4. Committee Nomination Form

At this time we will farewell David Shigrov and Marion Gaertner (both Past Presidents) from the Committee and thank them for their excellent contributions to the mathematics community. I would like to encourage people to consider joining the Committee in 2020, as this provides an opportunity for interested members to contribute to the mathematics community.

Nibbles and drinks will be provided on the night.

This is also a notification of three Special Resolutions for the AGM for amendment of the existing Constitution of MASA, if deemed appropriate by the members. The Special Resolutions are as follows:

Special Resolution 1:

That clause 4.4 be amended to read as follows:

“No person shall hold the same office formore than ten years in succession. No member, other than the Immediate PastPresident, shall be a member of the Committee (with or without office) for morethan twelve years in succession. The time of service as an officer, or as amember of the Committee without office as the result of appointment by theCommittee under clause 4.5, shall not be counted in reckoning these periods.”

Justification for Special Resolution 1: It isproposed that the Association conduct a complete review and revision of itsConstitution which has not been updated since 1992. The ability to retainCommittee members will allow for stability during this process.

Special Resolution 2:

That clause 10.1 be amended to read as follows:

“An Institution and/orCorporation may become an Institutional Member of the Association by payment ofan annual subscription fee as set at the discretion of the Committee subject toany maximum set by the Members of the Association in a General Meeting, providedthat a donation in any year exceeding this subscription shall stand in lieu ofthe subscription. An Institutional Member may nominate one person as itsrepresentative, and such representatives shall be admitted to all theprivileges of Full Membership without further payment of an individualsubscription.”

Special Resolution 3:

That clause 14.3 be amended to read as follows:

“At the Annual GeneralMeeting the Committee shall present a report on the proceedings of theAssociation during the past year. This report will include the auditedstatement of the financial position of the Association.

At the Annual General Meeting the Officers and Members of Committee and anAuditor for the ensuing year shall be elected and the annual subscription ofIndividual, Institutional Members and Student Members for the ensuing yearshall be determined.”

Justification for Special Resolution 2 and 3: Thischange allows the Committee to set appropriate fees for Institutional Membersrather than being limited to that of double the Individual Member fee. Asafeguard is provided by allowing the Members to set a maximum fee.

The Committee has sought legal advice on the above resolutions, and this is the first step in updating the Constitution. This process will take some time and members will be encouraged to be part of the process next year. 

Please consider the draft prior to the AGM on 3rd December 2019. Supporting documents are below:

1. Proposed changes to Constitution

2. Current Constitution

If you have any questions, feel free to make contact.


Rebecca Garrett


The Mathematical Association of South Australia Inc

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